2008 Morris Liberty 44

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Morris Yachts' 44 ft. salon cruiser is a power yacht of the highest quality aimed at the sophisticated, highly-experienced motor yacht owner. Its fast, sift-riding hull embodies the cutting edge of power cruising technology. While earlier examples of this fine-riding hull were designed with a low profile and minimal accommodations, the Morris Liberty 44 offers luxurious amenities for two couples in the popular galley up" arrangement. The dinette is elevated so that both the helmsman and his guests can have a fine view of the surroundings when the yacht is in running trim. The Liberty 44 sports a high-speed vee bottom with effective spray chines so that the yacht can be driven at higher than lobsterboat speeds with lower power, combined with a beautiful traditional, low windage topside shape. With the high-efficiency bottom, the Liberty 44 can easily run at 22 knots with a single diesel engine and at over 30 knots with two. The difference is the keel- the single engine version retains a full length keel for protection of her running gear while the twin-powered version is molded without the keel.
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